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Running a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign to get your product launched?

We would love to make your life easier!

We'd also love to…

Ship your first 50 orders FREE!*

Which of these two describes you?

1. We're only shipping rewards to backers

If (when!) your campaign is fully funded, you'll have products to ship to your backers. Lots of them, we hope! But then you'll be done. Until you come up with another amazing idea.

If this description fits your situation, we will be happy to ship your backers their products, at our usual cost of $2.00 per order (plus the cost of postage, of course).

If you'll have 100 or more shipments going out, we'll ship the first 50 for free! (Yes, seriously.)

| All you'll need to do is send us a spreadsheet of names and addresses, and we'll take it from there.

Oh, and if it turns out that you'll have an ongoing need for order fulfillment, that's fine, too. See below.

2. We will continue to ship orders even after the rewards are out

If you plan to continue filling orders, even after your campaign is funded and your backers are rewarded, by setting up some kind of shopping cart and letting customers place orders, then you'll be well-served to get your fulfillment set up before your campaign finishes.

We'll ship to your backers - and yes, the first 50 are free!* - with just a spreadsheet of names and addresses. But then we'll get you integrated so that your shopping cart orders flow seamlessly into our warehouse, and we'll continue shipping long after the crowdfunding blitz is over!

Tell us more about your campaign! In the "product description" box below, let us know when your campaign will end, and how many backers you expect to have. We'll be in touch with some other special goodies that we reserve just for crowdfunders!

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We’d love the chance to prove that we can save you valuable time, and even considerable money with our picking, packing, and shipping services. Fill out the information below, and we’ll get in touch right away with a quote tailored to your specific needs.

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* The First 50 Free offer is available to all crowdfunders who will need to ship at least 100 packages to backers. That's all the fine print. Really.