HawkRidge Fulfillment

HawkRidge Fulfillment

Shipping Experts Since 2004

You'll pay a monthly invoice for four things when you let HawkRidge Shipping handle your order fulfillment:


Each time you send us a shipment of inventory, you'll be charged a $30 fee for us to receive, unpack, and get it ready for your customers.


Fulfillment fees start at only $2 per order shipped for everything included in fulfillment: the labor and the materials.

That's it.

No extra fees for boxes, packing tape, void-fill, etc.

We don't even charge you extra for adding package inserts or stickers on boxes.


Storage costs are the one area where we can't easily quote a price, since it's dependent on the size of your products, the number of SKUs, and the quantity you want to store. But we'll get very clear with your storage costs before you ever send us a shipment. No surprises!

Postage Costs

You'll reimburse us for the actual postage costs of your outgoing orders, from our discounted rates.

No add-on fees or upcharges. Actual rates.

Optional Add-Ons:

Customized Branding:

We're happy to include customizations to help brand your customers' experience from start to finish, with extras such as:

  • Custom messages printed on your packing slips (instructions, care guides, FAQs, etc.)
  • Shipping confirmation emails customized with your logo, colors, and a link to your custom-branded tracking page
  • Branded tracking page with the customer's tracking link, your colors, logo, social media links, website link, and any other links you want
  • Product photos on your packing slips and/or in your shipment confirmation emails
  • Stickers on boxes and extra inserts placed in packages (supplied by you)

Setting up customized branding options has a one-time fee of $150.

Order Returns:

If you want us to handle your returns, they'll be charged the same $2.00 fee as your outgoing orders, and we'll work with you to set up a returns portal for your customers to initiate returns and get pre-paid labels, if that's something you need.